PingWei Anti-forgery Ink Limited

none Black IR ink,ir ink.IR ir ink
 none Black IR ink,ir ink.IR ir ink
UV offset infrared not absorption ink Black-none
infrared not absorption ink yellow-none
infrared not absorption ink Black-none
Magic poker cards, Magic Mahjong, Tickets, Securities, Labels, etc.
Printing Ways
Screen printing, spray.
This is the high density ink. Please use together with our company's thinner.

infrared falsification resistant ink is one of the highest anti-forgery product ,which made of infrared lighten material mixed with binder ,researched and developed with special handcrafted. It looks  in appearance, giving off visible light when exposed to infrared light(980nm).with the features of high technology content and high anti-forgery capability. It includes the following types.Appearance Green, Red, Blue, yellow, Black. The infrared camera Shows the there is no color , but no effect while is the checked by the contact lens.