PingWei Anti-forgery Ink Limited

make variable printing paper with my engineer
 Optical variable ink is the most complicated intervention-type anti-forgery ink. The printing products using this ink has colorful metal luster in which color lump shows a pair of colors, red-green, green-blue and golden-silver, for example.  For paper, plastic and so on. For paper and plastic.optical variable printing ink

 paper ,PVC ,ABS ,special type screen; Except paper, PVC, ABS other materials (metal, glass, nylon cloth, PET, PP and so on)printing many mater

interference: colored, Its hiding power as good. can silk-screen, intaglio print, if silk-screen suggested uses 200 item silk-screen printing.Direct printing kinds has the metal sense of reality.made ovi ink for my factory.

optical variable printing ink to all color 

green red,redgreen, red---gold, yellow ---green,blue---red, rose red---gold, yellow green---blue,     blue green---purple,Grass green---purple, blue---purple red, blue---purple, gold—silver