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instruction for Temperature sensitive ink

Reversible ink decoloration series

bright coloured appearance,when reaches the setting temperature the colour fades and become transparent, colour restores after cooling

Temperature suggested:

 hand temperature 26-30or 30-33℃、50℃;6-70

sensitive ink Colors:

Goledn Red,Red, Rose Red,Sky-Blue,Sapphire,Dark Blue,Grass Green,Malachite Green,Blackish Green,Brilliant Yellow,Dark

Printing Method:(UV)Screen Printing,Flexo Printing,Gravure Printing

        Screen Printing with head 200-300 is suggested

Solvent for screen printing: 783 slow dry open water,Cyclohexanone,dry open water

Solvent for Gravure Printing: Acetic ether,Methylbenzene,isopropanol