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from Slovakia Andy buy chemical ink
 from Slovakia Andy buy chemical ink,he has second time bought my chemical ink. frist time he came here with him friend. Andy was easy going, we eat diner and go shoping . i introduce anti-forgery ink for him in my factory. then he give sample for my engineer, for example, we were follow up this sample and need made same sample to Andy. after that, we can sent to andy for test. Andy stayed there for two days,finished sample things,he told me want to go HK. he say next free time maybe visited china.

 last month, Andy called me to bought change chemical ink 6kg and temperature ink 1 kg for try. i already sent to him give address, after factory tell me,they are try was very good,maybe not long time, he need buying more chemical ink.

thank very much at all for Andy,i wish you anything will be better.

PingWei Anti-forgery Ink Limited
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