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from Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr.Damir buying ovi ink
from Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr.Damir buying ovi ink
we are interested in following inks,
first order will be for samples, so please calculate this colors in 1000g
OVI Liquid Crystal purple-green (screen) 1000g - (is this in attachment picture?)
OVI Liquid Crystal golden-green (screen) 1000g
Please include shipping costs to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
I see that You support PayPal so please send me invoice for payment to PayPal account
da **** el.da *** @
After I pay You I will send You my address.
Kind regards.
Can You please send me request for payment to my PayPal account
da **** el.da *** @ so I can send You founds.
Please before shipping write on package when sending, proforma invoice, and write total price for all 100USD.
Write PW-OV43 - SAMPLE - 15 USD
         PW-OV58 - SAMPLE - 15 USD
         Offset White watermark ink - 70 USD
Please if possible to remove sticker on Offset White watermark ink, and write Offset White ink so it will look like in normal price range.
This is because of customs here, so they will not charge us too much. We already ordered on the same way similar things before so we will not have any problems.
After I pay to You I will inform You and send You shipping info.
Thank You.
Best regards.
The following is the shipping track record , has arrived safely locally. 

consignment reference  destination pickup date status
  416389853  Y4275  MOSTAR  22 Apr 2014  In transit 
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 416389853 Details
Reference Y4275 
Pickup date 22 Apr 2014 
Destination MOSTAR 
Estimated deliver date 29 Apr 2014  Please note that the date specified is an estimated delivery date and is subject to change. If you have already received a message from TNT indicating a delivery date which is unsuitable for you, or we have missed you in an attempted delivery, please use the following link to arrange a delivery time that better suits you - myDelivery
Date Time Location Status
24 Apr 2014  04:37:40  Hong Kong  Shipment In Transit. 
23 Apr 2014  18:36:41  Hong Kong  Shipment Received At Tnt Location 
23 Apr 2014  16:21:37  Hong Kong  Customs Clearance In Progress. 
23 Apr 2014  16:13:00  Kwai Fong Depot  Shipment In Transit. 
23 Apr 2014  15:36:27  Kwai Fong Depot  Shipment In Transit. 
23 Apr 2014  15:26:11  Kwai Fong Depot  Shipment Received At Origin Depot. 
22 Apr 2014  23:59:00  HK5  Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway. 
22 Apr 2014  20:50:16  Kwai Fong Depot  Shipment Received At Tnt Location 
22 Apr 2014  20:50:11  Kwai Fong Depot  Shipment Collected From Customer 
22 Apr 2014  20:00:00  HK5  Dangerous Goods Held. Follow Up Actions Underway 
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