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The latest products, infrared proximity without discoloration black. This is a very mature new products, we can see if there is need?
                                                                           use infrared ink

red invisible infrared ink

IR ink that is invisible to the naked eye but when exposed to IR light appears as black to and IR camera.The appearance of light, infrared lens is dark, clear ink (no color), which absorb in the infrared .spectrum color, which are mixed. 

1,Please use new inking roller ,or clear the used inking roller and printing form thoroughly, otherwise very little colored printing ink will affect invisible effect..

2.If you want to have a better effect ,need to take the printing material ,printing technology, the lathework and character on the product into consideration.

infrared ink printing paper ,PVC ,ABS ,special type screen; Except paper, PVC, ABS other materials (metal, glass, nylon cloth, PET, PP and so on)