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From Pakistan Mr.Khalid bought ovi inks

 From Pakistan Mr.Khalid bought ovi inks

he's my old clent and old friend,i always said that.thanks very much for you support our factory.i hope you was good for 
anything,and let's me interview the ovi ink, that maeas (optical variable ink) it' s expensive for print of PVC,plastic, can choose printing of kind by screen or uv screen both better.we can offered a lot of color for exsample:

brow red to green/purple red to green//silver to green/brow red to gold/magenta to gold/gold to green/green to blue/blue to purple/green to purple
and customization any color when you offer sample to us.

                optical variable ink                                Best optical variable printing ink

       Optical Variable Screen printing Ink                        Optical variable pigment ink