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Customers buy again from Russia without absorption of infrared ink 6KG, PW-IRH18 offset inks.
    Customers buy again from Russia without absorption of infrared ink 6KG, PW-IRH18 offset inks. He said he would buy more quantity after receipt of ink, very grateful for his continued support and look forward to future cooperation more smoothly, Sincerely!


ir ink screen balck ink Green-none with the features of high technology 


ir ink screen balck ink 
Magic poker cards, Magic Mahjong, Tickets, Securities, Labels, etc.
Printing Ways
Screen printing, spray.
This is the high density ink. Please use together with our company's thinner.

infrared falsification resistant ink is one of the highest anti-forgery product ,which made of infrared lighten material mixed with binder ,researched and developed with special handcrafted. It looks in appearance, giving off visible light when exposed to infrared light(980nm).with the features of high technology content and high anti-forgery capability. It includes the following types.Black. The infrared camera Shows the there is no color , but no effect while is the checked by the contact lens.

Printing Way
Adapt to any printing way: offset UV offset,protrude,UV flexographic,screen,UV screen

1,offset:in commonly don’t need add impregnant,if dense add offset impregnant,also can add 0.5-1% red dry oil or white dry oil enhance dryness speed;
2,screen:use 705,706 impregnant
1,Please use new inking roller ,or clear the used inking roller and printing form thoroughly, otherwise very little colored printing ink will affect invisible effect..
If you want to have a better effect ,need to take the printing material ,printing technology, the lathework and character on the product into consideration. 
2,silkscreen could be used on paper ,PVC, ABS, metal , glass, nylon ,PET ,PP and so on.

screen none-balck infrared not absorption ink  that is invisible to the naked eye but when exposed to IR light appears as black to and IR camera.The appearance of light, infrared lens is dark, clear ink (no color), which absorb in the infrared
spectrum color, which are mixed.
Example: the ink mixed with the red color and applied to the document.
Externally, the text will be seen inflicted red on paper. This document
is in the infrared spectrum will be clean.