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Product name : Temperature power
Item : PW-T01
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 Temperature power
1. chemical structure: heterocyclic
4, appearance color: white powder.
5, fineness: ≥300 mesh
6, resistance to physical and chemical properties: excellent.
7. screen Reversible Temperature Sensitive Ink for ps color can be changed with temperature. Temperature sensitive ink includes: reversible fading ink, reversible coloration ink, reversible discoloration ink, irreversible coloration ink, irreversible discoloration ink and so on. Kinds of Products (Reversible Temperature Sensitive Ink) printing Black temperature sensitive ink
8, Uses: Widely used in security ink, display boards, inkjet, inkjet ink and so on. Pure temperature pigments, fine powder, large specific surface area of the pigment, good wettability, high oil absorption, easy to disperse in the ink connecting material and rolling fine, ink transfer and printability is good. It is a top grade in all phosphors.
9. Post-processing of pigments: The performance of the product has been improved due to the increased post-processing of pigments in the production process.
10, shipping packaging: vacuum packaging 1 kg / bag, 25 kg / cardboard drum.

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