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Product name : short wave fluorescent power
Item : PW-SW01
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 security information:

1、product name: green power by short wave 
2、chemical structure: complex
3、excitation wave : 253nm
4、melting point: ≥ 185 °C
5、pigment surface color: white power

7, Uses: kindly used in single / double wave of security ink, inkjet ink. Pure pigments fluorescent, fine powder, large specific surface area of ​​the pigment, good wettability, high oil absorption, easy to disperse in the ink connecting material and rolling fine, ink transfer and printability is good.

8. Pigmentation treatment: The performance of this product has been improved due to the increase of the pigmentary post-treatment process at the end of the production process.

9, shipping packaging: vacuum packaging 1 kg / bag, 25 kg / carton

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