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Product name : red to none excitation Infrared ink for offset printing
Item : PW-IR08
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red to none excitation Infrared ink for offset printing


Excitation Infrared Ink Manufacturers

IR ink that is invisible to the naked eye but when exposed to IR light appears as black to and IR camera.The appearance of light, infrared lens is dark, clear ink (no color), which absorb in the infrared .spectrum color, which are mixed. 

Excitation wavelength: 940-1060nm

Diameter size: 2-6um

Temperature resistance: 250 C


Excitation color long waves: red 630nm, green 542nm

Products Type:

Excitation Infrared Ink Suppliers Example: the ink mixed with the red color and applied to the document.Externally, the text will be seen inflicted red on paper. This document is in the infrared spectrum will be clean. Silk screen could be used on paper,PVC,ABS, metal ,glass, nylon ,PET ,PP and so.


Use to material

infrared ink printing paper offset:in commonly don’t need add impregnant,if dense add offset  impregnant,also can add 0.5-1% red dry oil or white dry oil enhance dryness speed;screen:use 705,706 impregnant Regulation.use Excitation Infrared Ink

1,Please use new inking roller ,or clear the used inking roller and printing form thoroughly, otherwise very little colored printing ink will affect invisible effect..

2.If you want to have a better effect ,need to take the printing material ,printing technology, the lathework and character on the product into consideration.


Printing result:

Printing type:

Green to none infrared not absorption ink for screen printing

PW-IR07 screen

PW-IR08 offset

PW-IR09 intaglio      

PW-IR10 UV flexographic

PW-IR11  UV offset

PW-IR12 Inkjet Printers

Package carton:

infrared not absorption ink

Normal packing:

1kg/tin,12kg/carton,carton size:43*32*16cm

gross weight is 15kg/ carton for big quantity,

carton inside, wooden case outside or according

to client's requirements.

 Shipping by air or sea:


security invisible ink
1).The dye sublimation ink will be pack in a carton, there are 12 bottles/ carton.

2). All the goods delivery by express from
Guangzhou, like TNT/FEDEX. And we will declare the low value on the shipping invoice to reduce your customs tax.
Warm tips: ink is sensitive products for the express so that it has high request.

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What service we provide?

1) Competitive pricing and volume price breaks

2) Compatible spare parts with the same quality as original ones

3) Flexible and low-cost shipment routing

4) Quick inquiry responses that satisfy customer needs

5) Early access to new imaging consumable product releasing and custom product sourcing

6)Give you the whole year's warranty , give you the best advice on line ,provide you the

installation instruction and maintain method from our technicist.

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